Accounting services & bookkeeping in Warsaw

Our offer of ACCOUNTING SERVICES is mostly addressed to micro-, small and medium enterprises that do not have their own accounting departments. Based on the needs and expectations of Our Clients, we offer regular accounting services of a business or ad hoc accounting services.

Ongoing accounting services:

  • keeping accounting books in CDN OPT!MA in accordance with the Polish Accounting Act or the International Accounting Standards;
  • preparing tax and statistical returns: CIT, VAT, PIT, INTRASTAT;
  • drawing up annual financial statements, also in English and German;
  • preparing statistical and financial reports for the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland;
  • preparing monthly reports for the Management Board and/or Owners;
  • ongoing accounting consultancy;
  • on-line access to the financial data of the Client;
  • direct contact with the person in charge of the Client’s accounting books, also in English and German.

Other accounting services:

  • preparing a chart of accounts and enactments of the accounting policies;
  • preparing internal instructions (instruction of document circulation, warehouse instruction, stock-taking instruction);
  • assisting accounting audits and tax inspections on behalf of the Client;
  • providing advice on sophisticated accounting issues;
  • drafting model financial reports for the Management Board and/or Owners;
  • financial analysis and business plans;
  • advice on internal audit procedures;
  • creating a company’s budget;
  • correcting tax and accounting errors;
  • other assignments on request of the Client.

Inquiry about rendering accounting services:


How much does it cost?

Accounting services offered by POLFINANS are fully tailored to the needs and expectations of each Client. Accordingly, the cost of service, billing method as well as payments are agreed directly with each Client. Regular Clients are eligible for attractive lump sum payment arrangements.


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