We are a solid and reliable business partner offering its expertise and experience to both Polish and foreign entrepreneurs uninterruptedly since 1991. We provide professional tax consulting, human resources and accounting services for companies with different business profiles.

From the very beginning of its existence, POLFINANS based its relationships with clients on the key value of understanding, trust and respect. This approach produces long-lasting smooth relationships and continued development of our Clients’ business, making us very happy and proud.


When tax regulations are frequently changed, it is not easy for entrepreneurs to keep up with all changes. Entrepreneurs should focus on development of their businesses. That is why it is advisable to have a true PARTNER who not only suggests and advises but also warns against threats, if any.

POLFINANS is such a PARTNER. Since we care about success of Our Clients, we advise, suggest and warn them so that they can pursue their ventures without concerns.


  • EXPERIENCE- We build on the wealth of experience acquired during 30 years of working with and for enterprises with different business profiles; it taught us to face a wide range of difficulties.

  • FLEXIBILITY- We know that each business is different and needs different type of assistance. For that reason, the scope and type of services offered by us are tailored in each and every case to suit the needs and expectations of an enterprise and its line of business.

  • SAFETY- Trust should be fundamental in each relationship. That is why we can guarantee to Our Clients that their business secrets and proprietary data are safe with us, and they can pursue their ventures without additional concerns.

  • COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH- For added comfort, we offer a one-stop service. Our Clients are offered professional business and tax consulting services as well as a full range of accounting, human resources and payroll services.
Our team consists of well-qualified experts with extensive experience in the area of tax and business consulting.


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